A new era in youth basketball

America's flawed basketball system no longer offers young players the best chance to reach their full ability.

There is a new path.

This handbook, with its inside perspective on the college basketball recruiting process, shows you how to design a plan to reach the goal of playing college basketball and most effectively shape your child's progress. 

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Meet Kevin Cantwell


As a proven college coach and recruiter, Kevin has been inside youth basketball for the past 15 plus years guiding families. He’s seen so many follow a path that doesn’t get them the results they hope for.

His mission is to guide and teach parents “how to” play a more involved role in your child’s journey. Not as a coach or spectator, you just need to steer the path.

As your guide, Kevin will help you ...

  • Define your basketball parenting role and learn "how to" play it.
  • Discover how good your child can be and "how to" make teams at every level of youth basketball.
  • Connect with college coaches and manage the recruiting process.

Kevin has witnessed so many families not get the results they wanted from their basketball journey. Their lack of knowledge always cause things to end in disappointment. Their regrets have had a lasting impact on him.

Kevin’s entire focus is giving parents the knowledge for "how to" steer the correct path throughout the youth basketball system. The pieces for a successful journey are all there, but parents need tutorials to re-arrange the critical ones so kids get what they need.

Jay Wright, Head Coach, Villanova Wildcats

"Kevin Cantwell’s years of player development and college recruiting experience make him a key resource for any basketball parent looking to learn what is best for their child."

Matt Harpring, Georgia Tech, NBA Player

“No one has more knowledge for how to develop a basketball player to the next level. Kevin sees things no one else sees. He knows exactly what high school and college coaches expect from players, what it takes to excel in each of those levels.”

Bobby Cremins, College Coaching Legend

"Kevin's one of the best evaluators of talent in the game. More than picking out the superstars, he can tell right away if a kid can play college ball. He is good at finding the gems, the kids overlooked by other coaches. The ones that have real potential."

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