Basketball Parenting Role

The youth sports community on a whole is telling parents to let go and stay uninvolved as it relates to their child’s participation in a sport. “Everyone” is talking about the behavior of parents and how they need to get out of the way because they are overinvolved.

Parental behavior is important and should be addressed, but I believe there is even a bigger issue of which parents need to be more mindful. 

Most anyone in youth basketball will tell you parents are too involved. I want you to STOP listening to that message, and I want you to hear and understand why I am suggesting you need to be involved.

Parents need to GET INVOLVED…the key is to do it in the right way, and at the right time. If you do not do something different, your child will get lost in the system. The system does NOT address the needs of each child.

There are missing pieces in the youth basketball system. If you play the right role, you can rearrange the pieces to address what is missing. Let me say that again … YOU … can rearrange the pieces to address what is missing. Doing this successfully will lead to a more personalized journey for your child.

Parents need to extend their role during their child’s basketball journey. I don’t mean you must become a volunteer coach and I don’t want you to be just as a spectator. Knowing how to play the basketball parenting role is the key. Extending your role and becoming more involved means knowing when to take the lead, when to follow someone, and when to let go and get out of the way ...

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