How To Navigate Your Child's Basketball Journey


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In my book, I’ll show you how to navigate your child’s basketball journey. You will learn:

If parents or another family member do not play the right “basketball parenting” role, no one will. 

It's all in my book, The Parent’s Guide to Youth Basketball and Beyond.

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Jay Wright, Head Coach, Villanova Wildcats

"Kevin Cantwell’s years of player development and college recruiting experience make him a key resource for any basketball parent looking to learn what is best for their child."

Bobby Cremins, College Coaching Legend

"Kevin's one of the best evaluators of talent in the game. More than picking out the superstars, he can tell right away if a kid can play college ball. He is good at finding the gems, the kids overlooked by other coaches. The ones that have real potential."

Sean Kilmartin, AAU Natl. Board of Director

"Kevin has a passion for teaching the game, but having a guide to help families understand the opportunity and requirements at each step of the way is unique. Amateur Athletic Union looked tirelessly for a "manual" to incorporate in our AAU boys’ and girls’ programs. Every member of our planning committee was thrilled with the opportunity to use this book."

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Leave first name email and home state to access FREE PDF version of book and bonus stories and videos.