How To Navigate Your Child's Basketball Journey


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If parents or another family member do not play the right “basketball parenting” role, no one will. 
Section 1:  Grassroots Basketball - Beginning of New Era.
  • How Travel Team Concept Began in America
  • Travel Ball Changed College Coaches Recruiting Strategies
Section 2:  How Good Can My Son or Daughter Really Be?
  • Why Your Child’s Improvement Doesn't Have to Level Off
  • Difference Between “Quality & Quantity" Basketball Time   
Section 3: Keys to Individual Skill Development
  • #1 Skill That Gets Attention of College Coaches
  • Secret Ingredient for Individual Improvement
Section 4: Understand Colllege Exposure & Evaluation Process
  • Learn Evaluation Process Through Mind of College Coaches
  • Recruiting Myths That Focus Families on Wrong Things
  • Increase the Odds for Getting Attention of College Coaches
Section 5: Parents - Your Role in Your Child's Success
  • Effectively Manage Our Imperfect Grassroots System

Jay Wright, Head Coach, Villanova Wildcats

"Kevin Cantwell’s years of player development and college recruiting experience make him a key resource for any basketball parent looking to learn what is best for their child."

Bobby Cremins, College Coaching Legend

"Kevin's one of the best evaluators of talent in game. More than picking out superstars, he can tell right away if a kid can play college ball. Good at finding gems, kids overlooked by coaches. Ones that have real potential."

Download FREE Digital Book

Leave your name, email ands state you live in.