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Meet Kevin

I’m Kevin Cantwell, former college coach, player development and recruiting advisor. 

Author and creator of the College Basketball Recruiting Roadmap … my process for helping parents connect their children to college coaches for evaluation and to navigate the path to college ball.   

I recruited the top players in the country during my college basketball coaching career. I now use my player development and recruiting knowledge to help as many families as I can reach their basketball goals. 

More About Me

What People Are Saying

Pat Brizzi

Parent of Angelo Brizzi
Villanova University
I worried about how to connect Angelo to college coaches. Kevin gave me confidence for how to do it. He guided us for things like how coaches find players, opening my eyes for better ways to connect. How to create Angelo’s recruiting video so coaches would watch. How to concentrate on colleges recruiting Angelo’s position. When Villanova Head Coach, Jay Wright, started showing interest, Kevin guided us. He is someone any parent can trust to help through this unfamiliar process.

Jason Brafford  

Parent of Nate Brafford
Potential High Major Player
Kevin has been a great resource. His player development methods have had a big impact on Nate’s skills. Kevin helped me not spend time and money on approaches to get exposure to college coaches that won’t pay off. It's hard at times, because I see what other families do to get attention of college coaches. Kevin has been a great sounding board for me. Someone I really trust to have my son’s best interest in mind.                                                                                                                              

Jeff Carpenter

Parent of Will Carpenter
Graduated NAIA D1 College.
Kevin helped me stop worrying about how to get Will evaluated and focus on getting ready to be evaluated. He guided us for how to connect with coaches. Learning how coaches beyond NCAA D1 located players opened opportunities for Will. It put us on track for doing more than playing travel ball and attending evaluation events. Kevin helped us focus on the right things and how senior year was the best time to connect with coaches. We wouldn't have been successful without Kevin's support.

Jay Wright 

Villanova University

Head Coach

Many misconceptions exist about how to get exposure to college coaches and what they are looking for at every level. Kevin's recruiting experience make him a must have resource for any basketball parent.

Bobby Cremins

Basketball Coaching


Kevin is one of the best evaluators of talent in the game. He can tell right away the level a player can play on. Kevin can get kids who are overlooked by college coaches connected to coaches at all levels.

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