Missing Pieces of Youth Basketball

7 Topic Video Series for Basketball Parents

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The Missing Pieces of The Youth Basketball System

Simply by sitting at your computer and watching this video series, you will become a better basketball parent.

This introductory training, specially designed for basketball parents, will enable you to play your role in managing the pieces of our youth basketball system. It will make a REAL difference for your child. What it takes to make teams at every level, even put them in the best position for the dream of playing college basketball dream.

The right strategy can be so powerful…. If you implement the right strategies and tactics, you’re just going to make a real difference throughout your child’s basketball journey.

We are going to show you some of the things that are most important to your role, along with insights on the real ingredients for kids becoming better basketball players. AND how to get the attention of college coaches.

  • Video #1 - Why the youth basketball system is NOT set up for what is best for your child, and how to replace the missing pieces.
  • Video #2 - Your child will not improve as a player without personal skill development, and what you can do about it.
  • Video #3 - The secret ingredient to competing and achieving so your son or daughter will continuously improve.
  • Video #4 - Discover the lost art of the game. It will differentiate your child in the eyes of every coach they want to impress.
  • Video #5 - You need realistic expectations for your child's off-season coach. Do not assume your child is getting what is needed. 
  • Video #6 - The myths standing in the way of your child being on the right path to exposure and evaluation by college coaches.
  • Video #7 - Exactly what's needed to get the attention of college basketball coaches who are the right fit for your child.


Tommy Amaker, Head Coach, Harvard University

“Kevin has years of experience in basketball skill development. He always has what is best for the athlete in mind. He knows how to best develop their skills. He has excelled for so many years and has a strong focus on how the game is taught and played.”

Eddie Payne, Head Coach, USC Upstate

"Kevin knows a player’s skill level is what elevates that individual’s effectiveness and basketball career. He is able to describe how perceptive coaches look at and evaluate prospects throughout the college basketball recruiting process. All parents would do well by closely following Kevin’s insights on what is best for their child.”

Mike Young, Head Coach, Wofford College

“Kevin Cantwell is a friend, an excellent basketball coach, but more importantly a teacher.  I have admired his work for many years. The Georgia Tech teams that Bobby and Kevin produced are some of the finest memories in ACC history."

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