New ERA of Basketball - Part 2

In the first video, we talked about the original intention for travel ball and how Nike and Adidas created a whole new way for grassroots basketball to support their business strategy.

I now want to talk with you about how the travel team concept altered the game forever. How this expanded version created a grassroots movement that has literally changed the game in this country and created the challenges families face in the sport today.

Knowing all this will help you make more informed decisions for what is best for your child. Knowing how things got to where they are today will provide more clarity for making better and different decisions going forward.

This expanded version created pitfalls in the system and families now need to learn how to navigate to advance in the sport … they need to avoid the myths that prevent young players from reaching their goals.

Don’t misunderstand me. The travel ball system is a foundational piece of youth basketball in America. I just want you to know what you should expect from your participation. Many families are being left with regrets at the end of their basketball journey, not because of the travel ball system, but because of what they expect from it.

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