The Missing Pieces of Youth Basketball

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This foundational training is specially designed for basketball parents. It will enable you to play your role in managing the pieces of our youth basketball system, and make a REAL difference for your child.

  1. Video #1 - Why the youth basketball system is NOT set up for what is best for your child, and how to replace the missing pieces.
  2. Video #2 - Your child will not improve as a player without personal basketball skill development, and what you can do about it.
  3. Video #3 - The secret ingredients to competing and achieving so your son or daughter can reach full basketball ability.
  4. Video #4 - Discover the lost art of the game. It will differentiate your kid in the eyes and mind of every coach they want to impress.
  5. Video #5 - You need realistic expectations for your child's off-season coach. Don't assume your child is getting what is needed. 
  6. Video #6 - The myths standing in the way of your child being on the right path to exposure and evaluation by college coaches.
  7. Video #7 - Exactly what's needed to get the attention of college basketball coaches who are the right fit for your child.

What People Are Saying:

“Kevin is an invaluable resource for any developing basketball player and for their parents. For a player looking to get recruited to play college ball, being good is sometimes not enough. While I was not highly recruited in high school for college basketball, Kevin found me, saw something in me, and recruited me to Georgia Tech. Then he knew how to extract that talent. He sees things that no one else sees and understands things that other people don’t understand. Kevin knows exactly what high school, college and NBA coaches are expecting in their potential players, but more importantly, knows what it takes to excel in each of those levels.”

Matt Harpring, former Georgia Tech and NBA player

“Kevin Cantwell, hands down, is one of the best evaluators of talent in the game. But it was more than picking out the superstars. Kevin could tell right away if a kid had what it took. He was good at finding the gems, the kids overlooked by other coaches. These were the kids that had real potential - the ones nobody was heavily recruiting - and Georgia Tech stayed competitive in the ACC because of Kevin’s eye and the work ethic of these unheralded players. ”

Bobby Cremins, College Basketball Coaching Legend

“There are so many misconceptions about what kids of all ages should be doing to become better players and what coaches are looking for from players at every level to make their teams. Kevin Cantwell’s years of player development and college recruiting experience is of great value for any basketball parent looking to learn what is best for their child.”

Jay Wright, Head Coach, Villanova University

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