One-on-One with Kevin

 For Families (Boys/Girls) 5th grade to HS seniors

Think about this…
Where can you and your child access expert advice “immediately” ...  receiving answers to the challenging questions you face from the unfamiliar territory of youth basketball?
Where can you address topics and questions ranging anywhere from those relating to the beginning of your child’s basketball participation all the way to the recruiting phase of your journey?

Hi, I'm Kevin Cantwell,

I have spent my basketball career guiding parents and teaching kids on all levels "how to" get better.

I am getting many requests from parents who ask me to schedule some time to talk on the phone. They are looking for insights and advice to address something they and/or their child are facing on their youth basketball journey. Often times, wanting to include their child on the call.

I now have a way to easily schedule time together. You can get a One-on-One private telephone session directly with me to discuss any topic you have about your youth basketball journey.

I honor you for being on this page looking for the guidance and support to positively influence your child's journey.

I hope you schedule a telephone session with me. I would like nothing more than to be a trusted resource to you and your child.

Here's What This is About ...

What would happen if we helped your child reach their full basketball ability?

Just some of the topics you can discuss with Kevin …

Competitive Topics

  • How to choose a “travel team”?
  • How to address “coaching issues”?
  • How can I “motivate” my child to work harder?
  • What does my child have to do to become a “college prospect”?
  • How do I determine just how “good” my child can be?
  • My child loves basketball but we cannot afford the “expense” … what should we do?
  • My child needs an outside “voice” because his father’s words fall on deaf ears?
  • My child is experiencing a loss of “confidence”… what can I do?

Recruiting Topics

  • When should we start worrying about getting an “evaluation” by college coaches?
  • How do I choose what “showcases” are best for my child?
  • How do I choose the correct “exposure” event?
  • How do I know what “level” of college basketball to choose?
  • When should we start sending “tapes” to colleges”?
  • What year should we get our first college “rating”?
  • Our high school team is not very good…how do we go about choosing a “different” school?
  • My child is a rising senior and has gotten no “recognition” from college coaches…what can we do?

The topics you can discuss with Kevin are endless … cover as many as you need to discuss during your scheduled sessions.

What You Get

Kevin Cantwell’s advice and guidance is the best way to get all the answers you need. Don’t worry and stress over issues you are not sure how to handle. Gain the confidence that you are doing what is best for your child. Don’t let the unfamiliar stages of your basketball journey stand in the way of their success.


30 Minute Telephone Session - $75.00

45 Minute Telephone Session - $100.00

Access Kevin when you need him. No long-term commitment … Get what you need, whenever you need it. 

Tommy Amaker, Head Coach, Harvard University

“Kevin has years of experience in basketball skill development. He always has what is best for the athlete in mind. He knows how to best develop their skills. He has excelled for so many years and has a strong focus on how the game is taught and played.”

Mike Young, Head Coach, Wofford College

“Kevin Cantwell is a friend, an excellent basketball coach, but more importantly a teacher.  I have admired his work for many years. The Georgia Tech teams that Bobby and Kevin produced are some of the finest memories in ACC history."

Email any questions you have to [email protected]