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Course Overview

What if there was a roadmap that, once learned, could get college coaches to evaluate your child?

Would you want to follow that roadmap? 

Well, I’ve got it.

College Basketball Recruiting Roadmap is online training for parents …

Learn HOW TO Get College Coaches to Evaluate Your Child.

Take control of your child’s college basketball recruiting process.

The step-by-step learning sequence …

  • Get Started: Create your message and personalized plan to get coaches to evaluate your child
  • Section 1: Discover All Opportunities to Play College Ball
  • Section 2: WHY and HOW Division 1 Coaches Locate Players to Evaluate
  • Section 3: WHY and HOW Coaches Beyond NCAA Division 1 Locate Players to Evaluate
  • Section 4: Create and Implement Your Plan to Get the Attention of College Coaches

Can Parents Do This?

When you know how college coaches actually locate players, then you can choose the best path to get your child evaluated.

Once you know how to target schools that are recruiting your child’s position, then you can actively recruit the coaches for your child and not wait for them to find you. 

When you learn WHAT coaches need … HOW TO give it to them and WHEN, then you reduce the stress and overwhelm from uncertainty. You will feel empowered to make a real difference for your child.

Are you ready to get college basketball coaches to evaluate your child?

Why not your child?

Why not now?

  • Isn't it time you learned to take more control of the recruiting process for your child?
  • Isn't it time to decide on the best path to truly increase your child’s chances of being evaluated by college coaches when the time is right?

You can have more influence over the recruiting journey. You just need to know there are more things you can be doing for your child.

Most families believe there are only 3 things that lead to getting evaluated by college coaches….

  1. Playing on a travel team as early as possible
  2. Playing high school basketball
  3. Playing in NCAA Certified Events and individual Showcase Events

You need to do more. Some things a little different. There is always a better way.

Get this training so you can make more of a difference for your child.

Do not let your child get left behind!

YOU be the judge - signup … what do you have to lose… get to started - it's better than sitting and "waiting for coaches to find your child."

For only $295 … My roadmap for getting coaches to evaluate your child is a no brainer. Think about what you will spend on "trial and error" approaches to try and get your child evaluated that you are not in control of.

The time for action is NOW.

Get my Roadmap … get the strategies … and “how to” tactics you need! 

BUY NOW Recruiting Roadmap Online Course

Meet Kevin

Kevin has recruited the top players in the country during his college coaching years. Now, for almost 2 decades he has helped parents get their kids evaluated by coaches at every level of college ball.   

Kevin’s mission is guiding and teaching  parents “how to” play a more involved role in their child’s journey. Not as a coach or spectator, just to choose the best path and steer the journey.

Kevin has witnessed many families not get the results they wanted from their basketball journey. Lack of knowledge causes things to end in disappointment.

Kevin’s entire focus is giving parents the knowledge for "how to" steer the correct path throughout the youth basketball system. The pieces for a successful journey are all there, but parents need know "how to" use them, so kids get what they need.

Families use Kevin’s Recruiting Roadmap to take charge of the process to get college coaches to evaluate their child.

It all started when parents began understanding WHY 90% of kids playing travel ball needed to do more for evaluation. They were then willing to try his proven roadmap.

Big question for you is can you take more control of your child’s recruiting process?
The answer is YES you can. You can do this. Kevin can help you.

Jay Wright - Head Coach Villanova University

There are misconceptions about how to get exposure to  college coaches and what they are looking for at every level. Kevin's recruiting experience make his course a must have for any basketball parent.

Bobby Cremins - Coaching Legend

Kevin Cantwell, hands down, one of the best evaluators of talent in the game. He can tell right away what level a player can play on. Kevin is able to get kids who are overlooked by college coaches connected to coaches at all levels.

Jason Brafford  

Parent of Nate Brafford
Potential High Major Player
Kevin has been a great resource. His player development methods have had a big impact on Nate’s skills. Kevin helped me not spend time and money on approaches to get exposure to college coaches that won’t pay off. It's hard at times, because I see what other families do to get attention of college coaches. Kevin has been a great sounding board for me. Someone I really trust to have my son’s best interest in mind.   

Here’s What You Get

One of the most successful recruiters during his college coaching career, Kevin is a great resource.

So many families have been successful during their college basketball recruiting journey because of access to Kevin.

You receive …

  • Training for the WHAT … How TO …. And WHEN …. sequenced bite size videos with clear action items for parents
  • Templates to implement everything Kevin teaches. Role playing scenarios for communicating with coaches. Process to create your recruiting video to send coaches. Email samples for communicating with coaches …. And so much more
  • You’ll learn to control the recruiting process … where ALL the opportunities are to play college ball… How all levels of college coaches locate players
  • What you need to do during 8th grade … in high school before AND during senior year …. Not just the WHAT but the WHY and the “HOW TO”
  • How to choose the right video clips to send coaches … how to figure out what travel team is best … what tournaments to play in …. what college level your child can play at …. why senior year is NOT too late … should your child participate in ratings camps and showcase events
  • The list goes on and on.

Training is in sections so Kevin can take you step-by-step for how to get coaches to evaluate your child.

Learn the strategy to connect with coaches. Also TACTICAL details for creating and implementing your child’s customized plan to be evaluated by those coaches. 

BUY NOW Recruiting Roadmap Online Course

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