What if there was a ROADMAP that, once learned, could get college coaches to evaluate your child?


Would you follow that ROADMAP?


✓ Learn WHAT coaches need to have real interest in your child

✓ HOW TO give it to them

✓ and WHEN


What If There Was a Way for You to:

Lose That Stubborn Weight,
Get Over Those Mood Swings
& Take Charge of Your Life...
... WITHOUT Falling for The Same Old Ways That Bring NO RESULTS?

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Don't let things YOU CAN CONTROL stand in way of getting coaches to evaluate your child for college ball.


Would you like to:

➔See your child play college ball?

➔Increase your child's opportunities to be evaluated?

Learn WHAT to do, HOW and WHEN?

If you answered YES, I'm really glad you're here.
You see my basketball journey began as a player.
It continued as a Division 1 coach where I was nationally recognized for recruiting the top players in the country and one of the best at evaluating college basketball talent potential. 
After my college coaching career, I've been helping families get evaluated by coaches and navigate the  recruiting process. 

But how can you get college coaches to evaluate your child, when nothing has worked for so many other youth basketball families?


It's actually a lot easier than you think -


Simply by following ...

  • the right Roadmap that puts you on a ...
  • personalized path for your child ...
  • and step-by-step guidance you'll get every step of the way ...

you'll see results!


This course is unlike anything you've tried before.

Proven Evaluation Formula

I started building a process 20 years ago. It has become the Recruiting Roadmap for parents to connect children to college coaches.

I continually refined it, added to it, perfected it.

You benefit from all my trial-and-error learning. Increase your child’s opportunities for evaluation to play college ball. 

Don't Just Follow Others

You learn the smartest and  personalized path  to evaluation by coaches who are best fit for your child.

How to choose the path for your child.

You get the benefit of discovering ALL the opportunities for your child to play college ball.



Your Family's Guide

Big question for you is .....

Can you increase the opportunities for your child to be evaluated by college coaches and create a personalized plan for your child’s path to the coaches?

The answer is YES. You can do this.

I can help you. I'll be your personal guide every step of your journey.


Get Out In Front

If child is 5th thru 7th grade, you have time for recruiting phase of journey.

Learn Roadmap now. The reality vs the myths of youth basketball about evaluation that start families out on the wrong path.

The Time is Now 

If Child is 8th grade to HS junior year, learn Roadmap to get moving.

Actively guide ongoing skill development and choose right path to coaches. Time to identify resources for your team to guide you.  

NOT Too Late

If child is a senior, you still have time to connect with college coaches.

Take action now using my Roadmap for control of the evaluation process. You need certainty "now" for what to do to connect with right coaches.

Jay Wright - Head Coach, Villanova University

There are misconceptions about how to get exposure to  college coaches and what we as coaches are looking for at every level. Kevin's evaluation and recruiting experience make his course a must have for any basketball parent.

Want to know WHY the path to college coaches that most families are on will NOT work?

Following the path other families are on for evaluation won't work because:

➔ Families believe college coaches at all levels are out on the road looking for prospects in the same manner. This is an incorrect perception.

➔ Families never adjusted for how to connect with college coaches to reflect changes coaches made over the years in how they look for players to evaluate.

➔ Families believe all that is needed to get evaluated is to play high school ball, play in travel ball tournaments and attend show case events. These are key pieces, but most kids with college talent need more.

➔ There is a void in youth basketball. No one person steers the recruiting path to evaluation for each player.

My Recruiting Roadmap gets amazing results because:

➔ Teaches how to fill the void in youth basketball. You learn how to navigate the evaluation journey. The WHAT … the HOW TO … and the WHEN.

➔ Teaches how coaches look for players and how you decide the right path to connect with them, so you don’t just follow what others are doing.

➔ Teaches proven formula for how to recruit coaches that are looking for players fitting your child’s strengths.

➔ Teaches how to use high school basketball, travel team tournaments and showcase events to your advantage for getting attention of college coaches.

Imagine what it will feel like as:

  • Your confidence is building now that you have a proven roadmap for getting on the radar of college coaches.
  • Your child begins to experience more college coaches showing interest.
  • You no longer stress over the uncertainty of what to do next and know exactly what you need to do and when to steer the evaluation path with your child.
  • You see the excitement of your child reaching their dream of playing college ball and how proud you are of that accomplishment.

What would it be worth to you to shed that lost feeling for how to help your child?

  • If you could get rid of all the uncertainty ... 
  • feel empowered ... 
  • energized ...

... by the impact of making a real difference in your child's life?

Here's what it's meant to others...

Chase Anderson

Air Force Academy 

Coach Cantwell was really helpful to my parents, someone to lean on for guidance. His player development knowledge made my game college ready and his experience of the college levels made his tutelage invaluable.


Chuck Norris


Son Played College Basketball

I was looking for ways to elevate my son’s game because I believed he had college ball ability. Coach Cantwell taught the things that helped him reach his goal. He guided us through the recruiting process and kept us from wasting time and money.”

Jason Brafford  

Parent of Nate Brafford
Potential High Major Player
Kevin has been a great resource. His player development methods have had a big impact on Nate’s skills. Kevin helped me not spend time and money on approaches to get exposure to college coaches that won’t pay off. It's hard at times, because I see what other families do to get attention of college coaches. Kevin has been a great sounding board for me. Someone I really trust to have my son’s best interest in mind.   

Jeff Carpenter

Parent of Will Carpenter
Graduated NAIA D1 College.
Kevin helped me stop worrying about the evaluation process. He guided us for how to connect with coaches. Learning how coaches beyond NCAA D1 located players opened opportunities for Will. It put us on track for doing more than playing travel ball and attending evaluation events. Kevin helped us focus on the right things during senior year to connect with coaches. We wouldn't have been successful without Kevin's support.

Bobby Cremins - Coaching Legend

Kevin Cantwell, hands down, one of the best evaluators of talent in the game. He can tell right away what level a player can play on. Kevin is able to get kids who are overlooked by college coaches connected to coaches at all levels.

By the end of Recruiting Roadmap online course you'll be:

  • Increasing the ODDS for your child to reach their dream of playing college ball. 
  • Choosing the best path for ALL the opportunities to play college ball.
  • Taking control of the evaluation recruiting process and confidently navigating all the stages of the evaluation journey from 5th grade to 8th grade … from high school freshman to senior year. 
  • Creating a personalized plan for your child to be evaluated by the right college coaches 
  • Confident in your knowledge of what is important to college coaches when they are looking for players to evaluate so you know exactly when and where to connect with them. 
  • Targeting the college basketball programs that are the best fit for your child. 
  • Developing your child’s information packet, creating an effective recruiting video and helping your child actively communicate with college coaches.

Ready to create your child's personalized path for evaluation by college coaches?

Enrollment NOW CLOSED for Roadmap Course.

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